Frequently Asked Questions

Services & Capabilities

We offer a range of web solutions including bespoke web development, custom design, hosting solutions, domain management, SEO, analytics, and security. We also providing consulting services for all of the above.

Yes, we provide comprehensive e-commerce solutions including shopping cart integration, payment gateway setups, and product management.

Absolutely! All our designs are responsive and tailored to look great on all devices.

Yes, we offer in-house hosting solutions with 24/7 support, including domains, domain management and email server support.

Absolutely! We can give your current website a fresh, modern look. We may also be able to migrate and host your current website, contact us for more information.

Yes, we have a team of content writers who can create SEO-optimised content for your website.

Yes, we can integrate all major social media platforms into your website. We also provide tools so that you can do this yourself on the fly without needing any expertise.

Yes, we have a dedicated design team that can help establish or refresh your brand's identity.

Design & Development Process

The timeline varies based on the project's complexity. A basic website can be up in a few days or weeks, while complex projects may take a few months.

Certainly! Check out our portfolio on our home page to view some of our recent work.

Yes, we can build your website on a CMS (Content Management System), allowing you to make updates. We also provide training on how to do this.

We maintain open communication through emails, phone calls, and meetings as per your convenience. We are happy to use the communications medium with which you are comfortable with, whether that be WhatsApp, Discord, Skype, Teams, Slack, Zoom, Email, etc.

Pricing & Payment

Costs vary based on your requirements and future management requirements. Contact us for a detailed quote tailored to your needs.

Typically, we require a small initial deposit, with subsequent payments based on project milestones. Future payments may also be expected on a monthly or yearly basis if we host, manage and maintain your website for the future.

Absolutely! Once the project is completed and paid for, you own all the rights to your website.

However, we can only provide certain services, such as paid & branded icons, hosting, domain management and security or feature updates if you continue to pay for your website.

Technical Aspects

Website security is paramount. We ensure all websites are secure, regularly updated, and routinely backed up. We take this seriously both for the security of the website, and for the users. Many different authentication and security techniques are applied in different areas of the website.

Yes, if you have the expertise and want to host and manage the website yourself, we can provide you a resource token to fetch your website to your hosting provider.

We follow best practices in coding and design, and we also offer dedicated SEO services for site optimisation.

Support & Maintenance

Yes, we provide various maintenance packages including 24/7 support options.

We're here to help! Our maintenance packages cover updates, and we're always available for additional tweaks or revamps.

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